One-stop solution for all clinics, health centers, hospitals, and medical stores

Amkay Products Ltd is a one-stop solution provider for consolidated projects involving hospital, medical, and healthcare products. By offering products from its own facilities and associated units, we provide customers with the added advantage of working with a single partner for all their needs. This results in a more streamlined process, with only one point of contact for follow-up on projects where various products are delivered together as a package.

Superior Quality & Competitive Pricing

At Amkay Products Ltd, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products without compromise. Our quality control process includes checks at various stages of production, from raw material receipt to post-production release for packing and labeling. We also ensure competitive pricing to make our products affordable and long-lasting.

Superior Packaging & Labelling
Our standard 5- or 7-ply corrugated boxes provide sufficient protection during transportation and handling. Customers can also choose pallet boxes for added safety during transit. We use corner or angle boards when palletizing goods to strengthen packages, prevent damage, support stacking, and maximize container space, reducing transportation costs.
Led by a team that has more than two decades of experience:

The company is led by a team that has more than two decades of experience serving the medical industry, international customers, and organizations. Associations with world-known Asian names from previous places have strengthened the ability to understand the expectations of international projects, organizations, and customers.

Export to various African, Middle East & Asian countries
Amkay exports products to many African, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries directly and through agents and distributors. The company always encourages new customers from any part of the world to become a part of this growing industry for mutual benefits.
Using trusted & competitive freight forwarding partners for deliveries by Road, Rail, Air and Sea
We are dedicated to delivering goods within the agreed time frame, using trusted and economical freight forwarding partners. Deliveries are available on FCA/FOB, CIF/C&F terms, or as per project requirements by air or sea.